Success Stories: 2009

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renze60 & KKKKdogo

Her Story:
I joined BlackSingles.Com on 29th September 2009 as Renze60 with a skeptical mind of whether I'd find a life partner (as that was my goal). Within a week I got matched at 100% with few individuals, but KKKKdogo caught my attention, so I sent him a smile and he responded to my smile. It was instant attraction, I felt that God almighty had answered my prayer because of the strong bond with KKKKdogo. That was the beginning of some perfect love affair which I am so grateful to

His Story:
When I joined (KKKKdogo) I was unsure of what the future would hold in finding a suitable life partner. However, linking up with Renze60, was the beginning of a flourishing relationship geared towards marriage in the summer of 2010. I can say without hesitation that is a unique site amongst other dating websites, in that they match prospective partners so accurately that skepticism and uncertainties are eliminated. Thank you very much for matching us, we shall keep you informed of further developments.

mlmotley & gaentertainmentgirl

I had been on BlackSingles for a minute since the beginning of 2009. I did get a hold of someone, but she was so busy working all the time and by that time I decided not to pursue the relationship because of that. I was looking for a match not on work and career, but on a god-like understanding. Someone who let a man be a man and not be controlling, plus have time for you to go out or stay home and chill. That's where gaentertainmentgirl came in. She has been there for me in ways that other women won't and she loves me for me and will stand by me no matter what. We been together for a good while, and by March, it will be a year when we first talked and met. I thank god for her and I pray that we continue to grow in this relationship together and a brighter future.

sexyman37 & gentlegirl

Almost a year ago I was on your website,, a black man in his late thirties who couldn't find a woman worthy to love and spend my life with. So in actuality this was my last shot. I honestly didn't expect to find anyone, but that was not the case, thank God. I was sexyman37 and on your website I met my wife gentlegirl. In March it will be our one year anniversary. I just wanted to thank you for allowing God to work through your so I could meet my soul mate. Even though shes far from gentle, that's ok. We are both very thankful to you guys. May God be with you and Merry Christmas.


Richard and Patricia


Yes, thanks to BlackSingles, My Boo and I are engaged and the wedding is set for 07/03/10. Ater only one date in October (Halloween night) was "love at first sight". Thank God and your site for sending my soul-mate.


Edgar "Hank"

Believe in the POWER of prayer....try it!!!

paris6969 & Bout

Mark (Bout) and I (Paris6969) met on May of 2006. We have gone on to have a daughter and we will be getting married, May 29, 2010. Black Singles was beautiful experience for the both of us. Each of us will marry our first date from Black Singles.


I met a wonderful man through His name is Timothy. Timothy is a caring, sensitive, and personable man. We exchanged
e-mails, talked on the phone and eventually met for coffee. I liked Timothy right away because he was such an out-going and talkative person. We have a number of similar interests and goals. Also, Timothy and I were both interested in a committed relationship and decided to date one another exclusively. It has been a blessing to have met a strong, positive, and intelligent black man who understands the importance of honesty and respect. My experience on this site has been positive and I am very happy to have Timothy in my life.


Its been nice to be here and I have found my soul mate. We are getting together soon and she agreed to be with me forever. I am ever so ready to give my love to her as she has done that for me already. Thanks very much for giving me the love of my heart, but I will first off give thanks to God the almighty.


Zak loves Shica


I met someone here strictly by chance. He did not have a photo when he IM'd me, but against my better judgment I still talked to him even without the initial photo requirement that I always insisted on. He turned out to be a wonderful man and my soul mate and I owe this initial hookup to BlackSingles! It does work!


Thanksgiving this year 2009 was truly a Blessing. I saw the profile of my future husband and I paid for the membership for one month. Once I paid my money I could not find his profile. One day he viewed mine and we began to chat. We exchanged numbers and met 4 days later. We loved each other right away. We decided that he would come for holiday with me and my family. We both took a big chance. It was comfortable and engaging the entire weekend. I went back to his home and we knew by the 3rd day together this is what we were searching for. We thank god for his divine intervention that we could eventually meet and spend the rest of our lives together. Again we both are grateful to you as well for making it happen for us. We were both what each other were praying for!

Good luck everybody else; we are both content with each other, sorry!

Thank you Black Singles/Tasha!

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