Success Stories: 2004

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Flemings (formerly Black Singles Connection) worked for me. I met someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with. He is everything he said he was and more. Your color
code system did the trick. It helped us know each other without a lot of unnecessary talk. I will recommend your service. Thanks!

Qween2 & Juan2003

I am Qween2 and I would like to thank (formerly Black Singles Connection) for helping me find my perfect match. I have tried many other sites, but yours' is the one that helped me find my true soulmate. Juan2003 is a wonderful, loving and caring person. We have been together for over 1 year. I just got proposed to in October and we will be getting married in 2005. I just wanted to let everyone know that really works...Thank you so much for helping me find true love and happiness.


Tasha - and all of you fine folks at (formerly Black Singles Connection)!

I want to sincerly thank all of you for helping me find the woman I have been searching for all of my life. Both of us have been truly blessed by God and your website. Had it not been for a little devine intervention and your site I know we would not have found each other. We both have fallen deeply in love with each other and will meet, for the first time in the flesh, New Years week. You probably think we are both crazy but I just read that it is very possible to love someone without ever having personally met them case in point Jesus Christ(end of story).

If you are totally honest with yourself when you write your profile, it will catch someone's eye. That's just what happened with us. We talk twice a day and e-mailed each other at least once a day. I have asked her to marry me already and she has accepted. Miracles do happen, Tasha! Thank you so very much and all of you have a blessed Christmas and New Years.

Nicole1562 and Siriusblackstar


Firstly, I would like to thank you so very much for creating this site, it is so needed. I would also like to thank you because I met my soon to be husband on this site this May of 2004.

We instant messaged each other and from that day our lives flourished. Our user names were Nicole1562 and Siriusblackstar. We were engaged this September and our wedding is July of next year. My sister is on this site currently and has shared this story with some of your members and it has inspired them because many thought the testimonials were fake.

Once again, we both thank you for creating this site you are doing a really great job.


I met a gentleman online in June we talked via email, letters and on the phone. We later met ang got engaged Aug 25, 2004. Thanks so much. I had previously tried other sites but your site worked for me :)

Just wanted to pass this along. These are nice to see.


Just a note to say thank you all for helping me to find my soulmate and the love of my life. It turns out we are in the same town and did not know it! Our relationship is very serious and thank you again. I have never been happier.


Here's the details, we were both members of Black (formerly Black Singles Connection) and Cherielynne saw my profile and sent me an email and I replied. It soon led to phone calls and before long we agreed to meet. I made the trip to Gulfport, MS where she lived (she is in the military and stationed at Kessler Air Force at Biloxi, MS). I live 160 miles north at Jackson, MS. We both liked each other and agreed to meet again. We met in January and were married on April 1st on the military base. We love each other very much and look forward to many years together. In September we are moving to
Hawaii where she will be stationed for the next 3 years. So far everything looks wonderful!


In January I logged onto the site to simply pass some time. I had already done a search for the type of man I was looking for and nobody really interested me. I received an invitation to chat from Simpson and thought "why not". I had already checked out his profile and it didn't interest me but I reasoned there was no harm in talking to him.

We chatted online for about five hours that Sunday afternoon. Although, romantically I wasn't interested in him, I did enjoy our online conversation and his responses to my numerous questions were impressive. We agreed to meet the following week at a bar local to us both (we live about 10 mins away from each other).

When I met him I decided instantly that he was not for me. He wasn't tall enough, looked too young, simply not my type. Near the end of our "date" Simpson asked me what I thought of him and I told him honestly that I wasn't interested in him romantically but I would like us to be friends. He was obviously disappointed but settled for friendship. Over the next couple of months we communicated with each other via email every couple of weeks and met up a couple of times.

By admitting to Simpson on that first date that I was not interested in him romantically made it possible for us to simply be ourselves. As time went by I realized that everything that Simpson was showing me was actually what I wanted in a man and my initial reservations were not so important any longer.

At the beginning of March I told Simpson how I felt. He wanted to know what had changed my mind. My simple answer: He had.

Simpson and I have been together ROMANTICALLY :o) for a couple of months now and I am very happy and contented. We are friends and lovers.

We would like to thank (formerly Black Singles Connection) for our introduction and hope all your members will soon experience the joy we both now share.


After the weeks that I was on (formerly Black Singles Connection) I met a man by the name of Michael. He was not a subscriber at the time, and he joined that one night to meet me. After that night of meeting, Michael and I have been communicating and we are now planning to be married in June. I am so blessed and I thank God and you all for this sight. I am very happy after being divorced and single for the past 3 years. I owe some of this happiness to you all at
Thank You

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