Success Stories: 2009

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Well, I did not think this dating site was for me, but I took a chance and found love. I found my soul mate, we can already finish each other sentences plus we just became so comfortable with each other from out first conversation over the internet. We both thought it was a little scary, but at the same time we both knew it was real, we both knew it was love from the start. We are the perfect match and I have Black Singles to thank for it!

Take Care and be Blessed,

Mr. Anthony


At first I joined as a form of entertainment, I figured I'd meet some nice ladies & go out on a few dates. Then I met Cherita and nothing has been the same. Everything I could have hoped for in a friend, partner & lady, she is. While I'll admit I've tried to convince myself this isn't happening, I've fallen in LOVE.



After about of month of not really taking the site serious. I saw someone that caught my eyes so I sent him a email. He was feeling the same way as me and not taking the site serious. He signed up, but didn't even upgrade. After a couple of weeks, he got up the nerve to upgrade just so he could email me back. He said it was the best thing he could have ever done. We started talking and it was love at first sight. We are still kicking it. We are happy. I think no matter who, what, or where, if it is meant to be it will be. So I encourage people all over to just try it and don't knock it. I found somebody. You can too.


Terry and Divina met each other and at first he could not believe such a person or a woman as she could exist...and she too was so surprised in finding her long search love, for it was God who they believe that brought them wonderfully together as one. She is from Ghana and he is from America and the two, who were once separate one's, became a magical....One in the Lord. Amen. God blessed them with an abundant love forever in Him. was truly a relationship arranged and planned in Heaven...and we thank the Lord Jesus and God for His wonderful ways, plans, and His magnificent gentle Love. Thankyou again Black Singles for bringing Divina and Terry LOVE"!!!


I wasn't thinking I would really find someone here, but I did. This person is exactly what I was looking for in a man. Your compatibility tests really do work. We've been talking on here for a long minute. We met up and now we're officially talking. I wanted to say thanks to Black Singles. I'm officially happy and taken off of the singles list!!




We expressed interest to each other on this site and soon afterward we exchanged phone numbers and began talking on the phone. We discovered that we have much in common, enjoy conversation together, and are attracted to each other. This site helped us initially by the color code system and the Compass matching.

We believe that God is in our meeting and have planned a vacation together and look forward to planning our lives together.

luvlybrwneyz & Denson77

Denson77 and I began communicating on Feb 25, 2009. Since then we have communicated and grown to enjoy each other. We have taken our time in letting our relationship blossom into something that I never thought I would have. We do not live in the same city, but he is from the city in which I currently live. I am very pleased that I could use Black Singles to find the Man I've been looking for! Thank You BlackSingles!


After about a year on another dating website, I came to Within a two months of being on this website, I have met someone that I really have a connection with. When we met for the first time, we must have talked for about 3-4 hours. She's perfect for me!

Jolienoire & PeaceWarrior

I want to commend for providing a forum for individuals from a cross-section of society and from around the globe to meet, greet, develop friendships and even fall in love.

Upon receipt of an unsolicited e-mail in October '08, I joined this site without any expectations other than pure entertainment. I have met and gone out on dates with several wonderful gentlemen. And, though there was no love connection, we shared a genuine respect for each other and enjoyed our communications and dates.

Upon the eve of the expiration of my 6 month subscription in April of '09, I came across the most remarkable gentleman who truly touched my spirit. So eloquent, so sophisticated, so charming, so confident and secure. His words and prose spoke to my soul and he is authentic. An extremely intelligent man. Looking back, I find it even more special that the initial contact was on Easter Sunday, the Resurrection. In the ensuing three (3) months, PeaceWarrior and I have enjoyed each other's company in New York, London, Paris and the Caribbean and have FALLEN IN LOVE! The last trip involved meeting his family. Again, a perfect fit! We are kindred spirits and genuinely like each other. We marvel, at times, how the two of us, 5000 miles apart, could discern quite accurately, to date, how much of each other we have within. We are making plans for the future, which includes marriage and children.

I wanted to share our success story so that others will read it, have their curiosity peaked and know that this social networking/cyber dating really does work! I was skeptical although I read the success stories, but I was open. Know your needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses and don't settle. Enjoy the journey, be kind and respectful with prospects even if there isn't a love connection. Enjoy dating because when you least expect it, YOUR person will appear for you and all will be great!

Best wishes and good fortune to the family.

Warm regards,

Jolienoire and PeaceWarrior.

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