Success Stories: 2009

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djbaum & david50djbaum & david50

I was a member on BlackSingles until 2007. I met my husband on your site. Joining your site was the best thing I ever did!!! When I met David on BlackSingles, he paid my way to Austria to see him. He is such a nice man. We met the first time in November of 2007. He treats me like a Queen.
We go to church, he cooks for me, waits on me hand and foot.

Thank you BlackSingles!



It was different, meeting someone through the internet. I was thinking, "can this really work", so I gave it a shot. All I have to say is that man...through this site I have met a wonderful person. We have so much in common and are really happy with one another. When we met and exchanged numbers, we talked non stop for hours and hours without even realizing. We are still getting to know one another better, but the pace things are going right now is great for the two of us. As we spend more and more time together and talking, the better it seems things get. I am just happy that I had the chance to meet her on this site and I am very excited for the future to come. Because right now things are looking really good and we are happy for the direction of us...

kedia1luv & Jamar59

We met in August of 2007. We had a 17 hour text, email, and phone conversation the very first day. We went on a date the next day and haven't left each others side since. In August of 2008 we gave birth to our daughter and in May of 2009 we got married. I would like to thank BlackSingles for giving us the opportunity to meet and fall in love with my best friend. You guys have a fan for life. We recommend your site to all of our single friends. Thanks BlackSingles!


In January of last year, I met the most beautiful man on BlackSingles. He is kind, gentle and loves me. We dated for about a year. He would travel to Dayton from Chicago to visit me and when I laid my eyes upon him, I said, "Lord help me, I'm in trouble," because he was just beautiful from the inside out. Thank you BlackSingles, you've done it again. January 2, 2010 is the date we will marry; The perfect year to start a new year with the man I so love. Thank you once again.

sandyred1 & Mrtrell

Mrtrell & I have been dating since Sept. 09. He's totally real. He is my "Big Daddy" & I'm his "Baby"! Things are working out & we're very happy at this time. We're planning to enjoy the Holiday Season & the coming year together...Thank-You BlackSingles!

Iteach2 & Gdguy2b

Following a link on one of my favorite radio talk shows, I registered on your site over two years ago. I was Iteach2. After setting up a profile, I viewed a few others. Although I had communicated with a few potentials, I must admit, I was not very taken with any of them. Then, one day I decided to try the photo shuffle. Most of the men looked unhappy in their pictures. Who wants to be around that, right? However, during the shuffle, I thought I saw a familiar smile. I paused and clicked on the photo. It was exactly who I thought it was. What was he doing on this site? I grew up with him. We had gone to school together until he graduated and joined the Air Force. Our moms tried to hook us up even then. He was a little shy and I was impatient.

We had secretly spent some time together, but never told many people. Before he left for the Air Force, I skipped school so he could teach me how to drive his 5-speed Chevy Chevette. Back then, he knew all about hunting and fishing and not much about women. It was a missed opportunity.

Anyway, I sent him a couple of smiles. Then, one day when I was on the site, he IM'd me. We exchanged numbers and became inseparable. He lived in Mississippi and I lived in Alabama. Yet, we saw each other every weekend for a year. This time he did not miss a beat. He was and is everything I had ever hoped for in a man. He proposed on the one year anniversary of our first date. One year and two months later, Gdguy2b and Iteach2 were married. This is the best relationship I have ever had in my whole life. Waking up in my man's arms is more than just a dream come true........

Both our moms passed before we were reunited, but we can not help but to believe they had something to do with this reunion because this is truly a match made in heaven.

SpoteeBlack & Apositivelife

I met the love of my life on BlackSingles in February of 2008. His name was apositivelife. I met him the first 2 days of being on Blacksingles. It was my first time being on a internet web site. We immediately exchanged numbers and we talked every night on the phone. In April of the same year, I traveled from Texas to California to meet Apositivelife for the first time. It was love at first sight for us both. We instantly connected!!! We saw each other very often there after. In June of the next year I was presented with a promise ring. After which we began to plan the rest of our lives together. Thanks to BlackSingles we met and are very happy together!!!!! Going on 2 yrs strong.


I met the man of my prayers after three months on this site. I was beginning to give up and one day met the most wonderful man. We have had countless conversations and meetings and just recently decided to take our relationship to the highest level... Thank you! It was money well spent!

Tangie71 & Maffeo

I was kind of scared to join an online dating site because of all the negative things I've heard about different dating sites being unsafe. But I joined anyway at a friend's request. She thought it would be a good way for me to meet new people, so I joined. At first I was a little skeptical because I wasn't meeting anyone who attracted my attention, but on July 29, 2009 at 9:07 am all of that changed. I received a smile from Maffeo who was from Chicago, IL. He stated that my profile had given him a smile so he was giving me one in fair exchange. I checked out his profile and liked what I saw and read, so I (Tangie71) responded to his profile by leaving him my name and number, and low and behold he called me. We talked and talked and talked for hours. I found out we had so much in common, especially our relationship with Christ. Well, ever since that day, we have been talking on the telephone; sometimes 3 and 4 times a day depending on what we have going on in our personal lives. I flew from South Carolina to Chicago to meet him on September 4th and I stayed until September 8th. It was an experience that I will never forget. Not only was I meeting Maffeo for the first time, but I was also flying for the 1st time, and I was going to Chicago for the 1st time, that's what made my experience so amazing. Once I got there, Maffeo met me at the airport and from there we had a wonderful time together. I really enjoyed my trip with him. He was such a gentleman and he made me feel like his home was my home. IT WAS GREAT!!!! Once I returned back home to South Carolina, Maffeo and I decided that we would always be friends for life. Even though we decided not to go into a relationship as a couple, we promised that we would always remain friends until the end of life. I want to take this time to say thanks to BlackSingles, because if I had never joined your site, I wouldn't have ever met the man that bring so much inspiration into my life. Maffeo and I are very close, he's like my best friend. I can call on him any time of the day or night and he's always there for me and vise versa. We made that vow to be there for one another and that's something I can honestly say will be carried out forever. Thank you again BlackSingles, because your site has really brought true happiness into my life by opening up the chances for me to finally meet someone as nice, fine, humble, and crazy as Maffeo. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts because a true friendship is a lifetime friendship indeed.

Thank You,

Tangie71 and Maffeo
Friends for life!!!

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