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renze60 & KKKKdogo

Her Story:
I joined BlackSingles.Com on 29th September 2009 as Renze60 with a skeptical mind of whether I'd find a life partner (as that was my goal). Within a week I got matched at 100% with few individuals, but KKKKdogo caught my attention, so I sent him a smile and he responded to my smile. It was instant attraction, I felt that God almighty had answered my prayer because of the strong bond with KKKKdogo. That was the beginning of some perfect love affair which I am so grateful to

His Story:
When I joined (KKKKdogo) I was unsure of what the future would hold in finding a suitable life partner. However, linking up with Renze60, was the beginning of a flourishing relationship geared towards marriage in the summer of 2010. I can say without hesitation that is a unique site amongst other dating websites, in that they match prospective partners so accurately that skepticism and uncertainties are eliminated. Thank you very much for matching us, we shall keep you informed of further developments.

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