She loves me for me...

mlmotley & gaentertainmentgirl

I had been on BlackSingles for a minute since the beginning of 2009. I did get a hold of someone, but she was so busy working all the time and by that time I decided not to pursue the relationship because of that. I was looking for a match not on work and career, but on a god-like understanding. Someone who let a man be a man and not be controlling, plus have time for you to go out or stay home and chill. That's where gaentertainmentgirl came in. She has been there for me in ways that other women won't and she loves me for me and will stand by me no matter what. We been together for a good while, and by March, it will be a year when we first talked and met. I thank god for her and I pray that we continue to grow in this relationship together and a brighter future.

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