Success Stories: 2003

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I met my match named Dennis online July 1, 2003 and we have talked on the phone since that day. We might have skipped a total of 3 days without calling each other till this day. We fell head over heels in love with each other and have been working our relationship out the best way we can. I live about 8 hours away from him but we have made plans to be together. I went to his home and left before Christmas Eve and he gave me and engagement ring on the 22nd. I can't explain in words how he has changed my life. There is nothing that I won't do for him and vice versa. I love the way he smiles, the way he puts me on a pedal stool, and the way he is there for me no matter what. I took a chance on meeting somebody online, not knowing if they were dangerous or not. But with the help of God, I knew he was the one after the second day of communication between us.

Even though we are far apart, our honesty and dedication to one another keeps us together. A wedding date has not been set yet but we'll have it before the beginning of 2004 school year. January 1, 2004 will be our 6 months anniversary and we won't be able to see each other but we will start the year off with a phone call and words of appreciating one another. Thanks (formerly Black Singles Connection) for helping me to find this Almost Perfect Man because I love all of him!!

Sylvia & Andre

I met the love of my life on your site, (formerly Black Singles Connection). The fisrt time we talked was on Oct. 13th 2003, after that I went to see him in Atlanta and he has also been down to Miami to vist me. Well I guess the success of this story is that we will be getting married and the wedding is on Febuary 28th 2004. I had to write this letter to you and let you know how lucky I am to have found such a sweet, caring, lovable, and romantic man like Andre.

Watelmac and Compassion (formerly Black Singles Connection) is a good site for meeting people. There are some who play games, but I was fortunate to meet a compatible soulmate. We have been dating since June 2003, and the future looks very promising. Watelmac and Compassion are destined to be together forever. Thanks to


My name is Yvonne (user name Vonn). I joined (formerly Black Singles Connection) a few months ago and meant a special person on your website. At this moment we have become friends, hopefully our friendship will flourished into more. Thank you!


I am so happy to announce the engagement of
Birdy and Ebonyking. We will have the ultimate first date when we meet at the alter on December 21, 2003. I would like to thank (formerly Black Singles Connection) for giving us the opportunity to find one another (although I know that God brought us together), this is the vehicle he used to do it.
Thank you


I just wanted to tell you that "thicbrotha" and myself got a chance to meet and it has been wonderful for me. We hit it off big time. He was definitely worth the wait in my life. We are talking of getting married and which one of us should relocate. I was very skeptical of this website at first because of all the negativity that the media etc. tells you about online dating. But, "thicbrotha" is a good man. I also had the priviledge and honor of meeting his mother. She came along for the trip and she was a lot of fun to be around as well. Thanks so much to (formerly Black Singles Connection). I have truly found my Mr. Right.

Yvette Hall & Fred Pride

I am so blessed to tell you about Fred. He sent me a smile on 3-17-03. I was so nervous because he had the most beautiful eyes and I didn't know how to approach him. We started talking on the phone 3 days later, every night for an entire month. He came to Michigan to visit a month later, we both knew before the visit that our feelings were getting deeper for each other. We fell in love and life is wonderful. He was honest in his profile as I and that made things so much easier because there was not anything phony about him. He lives 3 hours away but we see each other every weekend and still talk on the phone every night. Our love for each other is indescribable. And to think our percentile match was below 50% for the both of us. We are truly blessed to have each other thank you (formerly Black Singles Connection).

Toot 25 and Breezy003

My username was "toot25" and my successful match's username was "breezy003". We met about 3 weeks ago after 2 months of talking via internet and have begun a long term, monogamous, courting relationship. We feel that we were destined for each other and are soulmates. We are currently making plans to move in together here in Baltimore by the fall of 2004, provided all goes well :-). Thanks so much for your service and for allowing me the opportunity to meet my soulmate for life :-). Thanks again!


Dear (formerly Black Singles Connection),

I have met the most wonderful man in my life! I just want to pursue him and please him only...Thank you...This was the best investment I ever made! has made me very, very happy!

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