And to think our percentile match was below 50%

Yvette Hall & Fred Pride

I am so blessed to tell you about Fred. He sent me a smile on 3-17-03. I was so nervous because he had the most beautiful eyes and I didn't know how to approach him. We started talking on the phone 3 days later, every night for an entire month. He came to Michigan to visit a month later, we both knew before the visit that our feelings were getting deeper for each other. We fell in love and life is wonderful. He was honest in his profile as I and that made things so much easier because there was not anything phony about him. He lives 3 hours away but we see each other every weekend and still talk on the phone every night. Our love for each other is indescribable. And to think our percentile match was below 50% for the both of us. We are truly blessed to have each other thank you (formerly Black Singles Connection).

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