Success Stories: 2003

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I met my match on (formerly Black Singles Connection). Her name is "Judylicus" and she is in GA and moving to VA to be with me. We have a lot in common and she is my soulmate. We share everything together, decision making and everything. She is my sweetheart and my friend. She is my future wife and I love her. She shows me, without a doubt, that she loves me just as much. I met her in your photo gallery and we connected and now we are a couple. Thank you very much for your site.
"StallionM" May 2003


Dear (formerly Black Singles Connection)... I have met the most wonderful man in my life! I just want to pursue him and please him only...Thank you...This was the best investment I ever made! has made me very, very happy!
carmela630 May 2003


I have met a great guy on (formerly Black Singles Connection) dating service who was once a member himself (RJBR20). He drove from Louisana to Kansas to see me and he has arranged to buy plane tickets for me to visit him for a week. He has proposed to me already and we're both very happy. We both want to extend our thanks and to let you know we appreciate the service you have provided for us to meet.

P.S I have experienced many online dating services some good experiences, some bad. But, I never thought that I would actually meet my soulmate online "right here on".
"Maria" May 2003


I have met someone on this program. We have been talking about 2 months and we are know meeting each other in June for the first time. It was cute how we met. I was online and he said that he was trying to close out and he had clicked on something and did not know what it was and my profile appeared. He said that he thought I was cute and he read my profile and was interested. That same night I saw that he viewed me and I read his profile and liked what I saw. That same night we kept mingle mailing each other back and forth and we got tired of going in and out the check the mingle mail so we ask each other for e-mail address. The conversation was so on point and good that he asked me for my cell # and we he called me. The conversation was even better on the phone and it felt like we already knew each other. That same night when we hung the phone up from a 2 to 3 hr conversation, I had felt a overwhelming vibe that I can not even explain. A few days later he called me and he mentioned he felt a good vibe on the phone and I had told him that the feeling was mutual. Ever since then the feelings and vibe are growing intensely. We both know and feel that this could be the beginning of something. And by the way, he lives in Dolton,IL and I live in Missouri City, TX. The distance right now is not even the issue at this point because I am willing to make a change by stepping out on fate and letting God take control of this matter...we both are. Thank You (formerly Black Singles Connection). This could be it! I will keep you posted.

"Carmen" May 2003


I want to thank you for such a good website. I found my soulmate, my lover, my friend and my husband too. He is such a wonderful man words can't explain how I feel about him. I was not hopeful about finding a mate and thanks to (formerly Black Singles Connection), it happened. I want to share my story with others and let them know to hold on and have faith. There is someone for them also.
"Debra" May 2003


I met him here on (formerly Black Singles Connection) and we have been dating for a while. Thank you, it has been really fun. I think the site is a good way to meet people. I have met some men that were a match and I have met some men that have become good friends. I have told many people about this site. It is very easy going and laid back and that is a great way to meet people. My special friend is a wonderful man. Who would have thought I would meet the person that I will probably end up marrying online? God always has a plan and this site helps the plan work. Thanks again.


This is like a Cinderalla story! I went on (formerly Black Singles Connection) just to meet friends and have someone to talk to and perhaps a friend at the very least. Well, I was sorting through the profiles, when I came across this profile about a man liking a woman's fluffy slippers. He has no picture and I wondered who has was and was interested from the very beginning. I quickly sent him a Mingle Mail and within a few hours he responded. Well, my heart began to skip a beat. I ask him for a picture and he said sure and quickly sent me one. He said that he did not want his picture on his profile because people would not read his words and understand him. So he elected not to. When I finally got the pic, I was surprised how handsome he was. He said that he was on a diet and that he has lost a few pounds since the pic. He was the most handsome guy that I had met in a long time on any internet dating site. We talked and talked online into the wee hours of the morning. But it was well worth it. We then moved to the phone and I heard his handsome voice. "Whew" what a voice! I knew that I wanted to meet him in person, real soon. He is from VA and I am from PA. We are making plans to meet for the first time. I just know that he is the man for me.
To be continued...
"Lorie" April 2003


I just wanted to tell you that "thicbrotha" and myself got a chance to meet and it has been wonderful for me. We hit it off big time. He was definitely worth the wait in my life. We are talking of getting married and which one of us should relocate. I was very skeptical of this website at first because of all the negativity that the media etc. tells you about online dating. But thicbrotha is a good man. I also had the priviledge and honor of meeting his mother. She came along for the trip and she was a lot of fun to be around as well. Thanks so much to (formerly Black Singles Connection). I have truly found my Mr. Right.
"Trina" April 2003


I have been on black singles less than one month and I have met the most wonderful man. We believe that God has placed us together. We are keeping it real, getting to know each other and growing closer each day. I have heard from others that this is a waste of time, but for me it was not. I have done other sites for singles but I really like (formerly Black Singles Connection). It really does work! Thank You.
"Faye" April 2003

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