Success Stories: 2005

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When I initially joined the site, I had actually just looked at it as a way of killing time during my work day. But, after being a member for quite a while, one day I kept receiving smiles from someone who wasn't yet a paid member. I finally responded because he was so persistent. Not only that, I found out he only lived 20 minutes away from me. 18 months later he still makes my dimples dance and my "heart smile".

lil_calientemami & TRUBLU

I would like to thank (formerly Black Singles Connection). I found the love of my life on this site. "TRUBLU", is mine all mine. It will be a year on October 28, 2005 that we have been together. I love him and I could not have found him without the assistance of this site. Thank you again for allowing me to find "TRU" happiness. Sorry ladies, he's taken and no I can't clone him for you (lol). Thanks again. I hope that everyone else finds love like we found did. It really does happen.

dreadlockdrama & InglewoodPocahontas

Good evening ladies. "Dreadlockdrama" is officially off the dating scene. I have met "InglewoodPocahontas", and we are getting married in a couple of days.

Thanks to all of the ladies that had responded and chatted with me in the past.

I am about to take the plunge!

I practice what I preach 24/7, drama to the max! That's why I am putting it out here, to let everybody know.

And yes, her hair and nails are hers. REAL NOT FAKE!

Thanks to (formerly Black Singles Connection) I have met my significant other.

Grayfoxx & Babybrwn

I have visited several different singles sites and been through numerous profiles in the past. It wasn't until recently when I decided to get on (formerly Black Singles Connection) that I found the right person. My username is "Grayfoxx" and my beautiful match is "Babybrwn".

I first saw her picture and decided to send two smiles to her and within moments I was receiving an IM from her. I was excited that she responded so quickly to my smiles so I quickly responded back.

We shared just a few sentences before she asked to call because her kids needed the computer and from that moment we shared hours among hours of time on the phone.

We have been inseparatable since and we have both come to the conclusion that we would rather spend our lives together than continue with this madness of wasted time with people that are not the right one; because from the beginning we felt like we were meant for each other.

So we have decided to tie the knot in the Summer of 2006. All are invited to this special occasion if we don't elope before then. Happy Singles Connections to All.

Thank you and God Bless


I met a gentleman on your site almost two months ago. We talked on the phone for 6 weeks before we were able to meet. Since meeting our feelings have intensified greatly. He is everything that I am looking for and he feels the same about me. I am coming off the site because I would like to see where this relationhsip is going to lead. Just wanted to say thanks (formerly Black Singles Connection). By the way you guys said we are a 100% match.

dmoe1 & rellimnna

I joined (formerly Black Singles Connection) a bit over a month ago and the first night that I was on I saw the woman who was to be my wife. I invited her to come see me on Labor Day weekend. When I saw her I thought I was dreaming. I never thought that I could love someone like I love her. Her user name was "rellimnna". The money I spent on was a small price to pay for a lifetime of foreverness. My parents love her and her parents adore me. We travel every weekend to see each other and as long as American Express doesn't mind, we don't. Thank you for making it at all possible. It just shows that when one door closes God opens another. She is absolutely stunning and she thinks the world of me. What else can a man ask for. We are so close, that we ourselves are overwhelmed at times. We do everything together including pray. For me there is no other, once again thank you.

PAPAB65 & kimmysunshine

After searching hundreds of profiles my "kimmysunshine" has come into my life. When I saw her she was like sunshine on a gloomy day. Her eyes and smile would light up any room. We have so much in common with each other. I truly have met the woman of my dreams and the woman I was destined to spend the rest of my life with. I would recommend (formerly Black Singles Connection) to anyone if they are searching for their soulmate.

All_Libra_Woman & King Cobra_52

I’ve met the most wonderful man. We spent many, many, many hours on the phone before we finally met. Since our initial meeting we have spent very little time apart, except for work. We enjoy each others company and, we especially enjoy talking to each about any and everything. The love we have for each other is something neither of us has ever enjoyed. Yes, we have been infatuated with and in lust for others but, this is very, very different. So much has happened in the last few months. Before this relationship got too serious, I explained to him that I was sick. His response was he would be there for me every step of the way. My response was, yeah, right. He has proven himself time and time again. He has been right here. I have since had a very serious operation. The original plan, after surgery, was for me to stay with my mother but, I wanted to stay in my own home. This man stepped right in and took over. He made sure everything I needed was at my finger tips. I believe that because of his tender loving care, I am on the road to a speedy recovery. I have never had this kind of treatment before. Not that this makes a difference but, my mama likes him and he likes her. His actions have shown me how much he loves and cares for me. He tells me my love for him is evident in everything I do for him. We wish everyone much success in finding that special someone.

All_Libra_Woman & King Cobra_52


Dear (formerly Black Singles Connection),

I am a little surprised I am writing to you. I joined last year along with another dating service widely advertised on television. To be honest I met quite a few nice ladies through them while my connections here were not all that successful. Still, I have a lifetime membership so I kept checking in with Late last month I met a very inviting woman and we instant messaged with each other for a couple of nights. Eventually that led to a few phone calls and then it happened, we met. We are now dating exclusively and we couldn't be more pleased. I wanted to thank you for bringing the love of my life to me.


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