Success Stories: 2010

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jjtwins & inhereyes

Hello BlackSingles family, I'm jjtwins. I initially joined the site for a break from the normal dating scene. I must say that it was addicting in the beginning, fun, exciting and entertaining!!!! However, as I became more serious about this venture, I learned how to categorize the individuals that seem to have a different agenda than I. I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of a few nice gentlemen, whom I wish the very best of luck to. By faith, I was presented with a smile from "inhereyes", First, always, always keep an open mind and heart so that you DO NOT BLOCK YOUR BLESSINGS!!!. I started dialog with this beautiful, gentle, God-fearing, attentive, handsome, family oriented, Christian man. We chatted, had a cordial dinner date and found that we both felt like we had found what we were searching for. We planned our next date, which was a romantic beach get-away! After deep conversation, laughter, life story exchanges, we knew that we were headed in the same direction, but decided that we wanted to be together as one. Today we are together, happy, excited, satisfied and planning our future.
Once again, thanks to the BlackSingles family site.


"inhereyes" &'jjtwins'

God Bless!

boxshopjack & treasure5601

We met by exchanging smiles 1st.,then cards,and eventually mail. When I received my 1st message I knew she was a keeper. The language she used in the message let me know that we were on the same level. From Mingle Mail we moved to personal email and phone. I fell in love with her inner beauty, of course the physical beauty "ain't" bad. Since exchanging phone numbers, our communication and admiration for each other has stead grew. We found everything we were looking for in each other and more. Now we are making wedding and honey moon plans. Without Black Singles this would not have been possible. But I have to admit, however, I was a little skeptical at first, but I'm glad I took the chance.


To All Of You At

Thank you for all your efforts and fine work with putting a very professional program together. I was reluctant to use any internet dating because I'm from the ol' school of thought, that you meet partners in your every day movement. After observing a couple of nieces use this new age resource and even go onto successful marriages, my thought was so can I. Well, I took my quiet private space and time to enlist over a year ago and around Sept. 09', it happened for me. Guess what? Another one of your sites first time enlistee and I matched. A marriage and a Declaration of Domestic Partnership happened Dec. 09'. We are still honey-moonin!! It began with a family & friend introductory, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years, Black History Month, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Mothers & Father Day, business & leisure in D.C., family reunion in TX, and our 6-grandchillin are hanging tough. How much love can one ask for? Too much! Going on 1-yr and not a complaint, just ol' fashion compromising & care. I was so overwhelmed in Mar. 10', that I forgot to cancel my account, now another six months is before me. Just wanted to tell my success story and pray that others find their path as I have found mine.

Again, to all of you, I'm grateful.

kaedee01 & Gentlespirit3

Thank you very much for being instrumental in our happiness.

I'm a former member and I met my husband on this site.

We met in December of 2008 on this site. Our first face to face visit was on January 30, 2009. At the time, he lived in Kansas City, KS and I lived in Maryland. We talked on the phone briefly during the day and for hours every night (when we were not together). We rotated our visits and tried to visit each other or meet in other cities monthly. It was a wonderful courtship and we plan to keep the excitement in our marriage.

He proposed on November 3, 2009. He relocated to Maryland on April 1, 2010 and we were married on July 30, 2010.

Brian and Deborah

missKutie2 & househead88

Mike (househead88) and I began to email each other through the use of this website. We lost contact with each other due to personal circumstances that were happening. Luckily Mike decided to look me up on another social networking website. I in turn emailed Mike through Blacksingles and we began to continuously talk from there. The one thing that Mike and I had to know was if there was a connection in person (because Mike lives in another state 3 hours away from me). Luckily we both felt that there was. After Tiffany perfume, a dozen long stemmed red roses, and a dinner boat cruise around New York City, we both committed ourselves by the end of the night to each other knowing that we did not have to look any farther for such a phenomenal match. Our connection was so strong that people on the cruise thought that Mike and I had been dating for years and this was our anniversary date as an already established couple. I am excited to say that April 10th will continue to be our special and phenomenal day because we are making this day our wedding day this coming year (2011) to honor the day of our first date. Even though we are still working on bridging our lives together, we could not be a better match for each other and we would like to thank Blacksingles for being an outlet to find each other. Even with being 3 hours from each other, we both know and realize that when two people are meant to be with each other, then we will make concessions to bridge our lives and continue our life long path having each other in our lives. Again, thank you for the avenue and path for that to happen. Even though we initially thought that we didn't want to share our story, we have now realized that we must in order to share the joy with Blacksingles that it can work (even after meeting some crazy people at times). Again thank you. We are truly blessed and extremely happy!


Our meet & greet was astonishing; she instantly made me feel the happiness in me because of abilities to openly share our needs at the outset. We've continued to grow closer each day. My heart was ready for her, my commitment if constantly rising.


After 3 years on a couple of online sites, and 2 dozen dates, I hope to believe that Matthew and I are on the right path to a long friendship, and a developing relationship. It was very difficult to find a good, tall, handsome man with a pure heart, loves the Lord, and wants the best for us both. Wish us luck as we take it slow.


CutiePie1 & JanthnyCutiePie1 & Janthny

Dear BlackSingles.Com Users,

Our names are Audra (username CutiePie1) and Jerome (username Janthny). We decided to share our story of how BlackSingles.Com has changed our lives and how you can achieve the same successful results if you use the service and information that provides. We are truly blessed and are thankful that provided the opportunity and mechanism for us to meet and build our life-long relationship.

Audra’s Story

I became a subscriber to in May '2010. My intent was to commit to a one month membership only. I received many emails, smiles, and cards from many different individuals. However, none of the member’s profiles fit what I was looking for in mate. I would on occasion take time to look at the members that viewed my profile. I noticed that Jerome viewed my profile several times. I decided to view his profile around June 27, 2010. I immediately noticed that we have a lot in common after reading Jerome’s ABOUT ME and FUN FACTS information. I then decided to renew my membership for one more month so that I could communicate with him. I requested a photo of Jerome shortly thereafter.

Jerome responded almost immediately! We began communicating via email with a series of questions. I loved all of his answers which were more of an indication of our level of compatibility! We talked on the phone for the first time on July 5th, 2010. The conversation was great! We were both very open about what we were looking for in a relationship and desired the same things out of life. It was amazing how like-minded we are and with that discovery we decided to arrange a day to become more acquainted with one another by meeting face to face. This meeting included my 13 year-old-son, Brandon.

Jerome was a total and complete gentleman. He possesses character and integrity that is “out of this world”. He is also very romantic, caring, honest, open, and transparent. The three of us hit it off very well! After talking and discovering that we were both very like-minded and supportive of each other’s dreams, goals, and aspirations, I knew he was “THE ONE for my son & me”. All I can say is, when you know, you know and that it doesn’t have to take long. Jerome is everything I prayed to God for & more!

As Jerome mentioned in his part of the story, my birthday celebration was the best I ever had! However, I fell in love with him before my birthday for who he is & how he treated my son and me. We have been together ever since. We have attended several social functions and events together and have always had a great time!

Jerome and I became officially engaged on July 31, 2010! I am truly blessed to have Jerome in my life. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I eagerly look forward to us spending the rest of our lives together and having more children together!

I want to encourage everyone to never give up on meeting the man or woman of your dreams!

Many Thanks BlackSingles for making it possible for me to meet the man of my dreams!

Jerome’s Story

I joined BlackSingles.Com on June 16, 2010 approximately 4 days after ending a 7-year relationship. Since I was new to the dating scene, I placed a profile on but I was not sure how to upload any pictures. I had responses from several members and set up dates which never happened. I visited Audra’s profile several times (I could tell that she was very focused and committed to her goals and desires) but her profile indicated that she would not be interested in members who did not have a photo as part of their profile.

Through divine intervention, I received a smile from Audra stating that I had a great profile but no pictures. I was shocked to receive the smile from Audra; however, I sent her an e-mail requesting a yahoo address where I could send the photos of myself. She obliged my request and I provided my pictures. As a result we shared numerous e-mail and text messages which truly illuminated Audra’s character, personality, and commitment. We also had numerous telephone conversations which lasted for several hours each time.

We decided to have our first date after the 4th of July holiday. On July 10, 2010, we took her 13-year old son with us and we enjoyed a movie and dinner. There was no pressure, stress, or odd moments and the initial date was a huge success for all of us. On Friday July 16, we celebrated Audra’s 43rd birthday. Since she is a 1st Class Lady, she was treated with a limousine ride to a fantastic restaurant in Knoxville, and given several gifts including Tiffany jewelry, Jimmy Choo & Coach handbags with Coach Sunglasses. We also shared a romantic dinner on a balcony of the Lakeside Tavern which is located on the shore of the Tennessee River. Since that night we have shared numerous high quality dates, attended church services together, and have expressed our love and commitment to one another.

As a result of BlackSingles.Com, I have found the woman of my dreams. I knew we were compatible (100% match score). We share the same goals and dreams, and are committed 100% to each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to support each other in reaching those goals and dreams. I am truly blessed to have Audra and her son, Brandon in my life and I know that we will spend the rest of our lives together as a wonderful family including her son and additional children we both want to have.


As soon as we talked for the first time, we knew we were right for each other. Being cautious enabled us to take our time. If it were not for BlackSingles, we would have never met. We live 3 hrs apart and are so grateful and we thank God for allowing this to take place.

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