Success Stories: 2007

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pretty1too & Sensousone

After only one week on the site I received several emails and smiles and the one from Sensousone turned out to be the one for me. He is everything his profile said he was and more. I felt attraction to him immediately and then we talked for hours on our first conversation. I didn't want to wait to meet him so we met soon after and I knew right then he was the one. It's only been a few weeks but we both feel enough for one another to remove our profiles. I'm confident this will be a lasting relationship and I'm happier than I've been in so long. Thank you so much BlackSingles, I know I would have never met him if it were not for this site.

SHELLYE & Dragontwister

We are married as of July 23, 2007. His screen name was Dragontwister. We were friends at first and fell in love at first sight. He lives with me in California and he moved from Chicago by the grace of God. We are very happy and want to thank BSC for helping us come together. This site helped me find the man of my dreams. We were married in Ocho Rios and had a wonderful time. We found that we were soul mates and the only way we found that out was by the network and we would have never met one another without it. There are a lot of success stories on BSC and I did not think that I would have one. But we thank God everyday for each other.

***Updated 3/20/09***
I met the man of my dreams. Thanks to BSC I am happy with the man God wanted me to be with. He is from Chicago and I am from California. We started out as friends and later found out the we loved each other so much that he moved to California. He is now working as an Officer and moved into my home. Now my home is his home. We love God and are best of friends. I would have never met this man had I not been on-line.


I joined Black Singles as a way to have interacation with intelligent, wellrounded, and hopefully handsome Black men. However, I really did not expect to meet my possibly future husband on the site. Yes! That's right, he wants me to love him. Time will tell if this is the case, I'm going to try and take it slow with God's help. I am so satisfied with this site that I have no shame in sharing how it has confirmed the fact that good, honest Black Men are available and waiting on us to be the women of vitrue that these particular men seek.
So ladies, don't sell yourself short, and he will come along when you least expect it. So be ready! Black Singles has more than exceeded my expectations.

snvalen & powekv

I'd been a free member of Blacksingles for several months. I enjoyed perusing through profiles and sending basic smiles back and forth to those of interest. That seemed to work until one day I saw the man of my dreams (powekv). I thought this brotha was so fine that he made me do a double-take.

So after several days of smiles back and forth, I decided to subscribe for one month in order to connect with him during IM. The fairytale begins from here. I know he is my soulmate and we are destined for a permanent future. Luckily we both have free PCS minutes through Sprint because we average about 4-5 hours per day on the phone. The friend and companion I gained was worth far more than the $24.99 I paid for the premium membership perks that I used for all of two hours. Thank you Blacksingles. Be on the lookout for his version of our fairytale.


I am bursting with happy energy and I couldn't think of a better person to share my story with. I have had subscriptions with Yahoo, Black People meet, Mate1, accounts with a few others, but never have I had the smiles and cards of people daring to go out on a limb, like I have found on Black Singles. My husband died last May. Just in care and concern notes, it has been quite heart warming and inspiring. Last July I opened my account, but since the death of my husband I have been working 12 - 14 hour days, 6 days a week, and a 9 hour days on the other. After many notes and cards from one gentleman in particular, I decided it was time to become a member and make that contact. I was not disappointed, and it went as easy and smooth as I had imagined and then some. After being married for 18 years, a single parent for 7 years, dating was a rather scary thought for me. Even if I have only found a new friend in
this man, your smiles and cards are what brought us together. I would never have paid that high of a fee to join a site. Yours truly is unique. Thank you for bringing Don and I together. Julienne

vonnipoo & RC4Harlem

Thank You Black met someone up here for the first time and it was a disaster!!It was like I wasn't being met half way..He wanted all these things from a woman but refused to do his part..I was so angry and I told myself I would not get back on here..Im glad I didn't listen to my first thought. I gave your site another try and sure nuff e-mails and cards were pouring in like rain. There was 1 that stood out though...RC4Harlem..We sent each other mail back and forth and then found out we were from the same area but our paths never crossed. I guess God does save the best for last. Anyhow, we went to Instant Mingle and talked...we exchanged numbers and text our poor hearts away!! LOL...The first day we text non-stop from 10am til 1pm the next morning...Then it was the same thing the next day...I was in DC visiting and he was in Detroit filming a video...He said he wanted to see me and I was like "Yeah Right" Well, honey who was in DC seeing me that same night?? Yes he was and it did something to my soul because for once someone went above and beyond to see what I was about!! Not the other way around. We had a good time and we really connected. He asked about us taking the profiles down first and now I'm actually doing it...This may be it because what he did to come and see me was something that I could and never would forget...and we were both impressed with each other...It was an instant connection. And to think that I was going to give up. I'm so glad that I didn't...He's a beautiful person inside and out and he doesn't leave me second guessing. He treats me like a woman should be treated and he knows how to seperate the past from the future. That's what I admire the most. Even though I live in NC and he in NY he is willing to relocate and has said that now he has to put more travel $$$ in his budget to come and spend time with me. Now how do you like that? He'll be here this weekend (NC). We are going to the fair here and I'm going to show him a good time...Let him relly see the good stuff that his is going to be getting himself into......Thanks so much Black Singles...and when the wedding is here..LOL...LOL..(hopefully) you'll be the first to get the pics>>Love Yall..Vonnipoo

Topazize & Betta14u

After being on this site for about 3 years, on and off, I decided that I was done. I have met some really nice people here and even made a couple of friends. But my love connection didn't come until the very end. For the last two weeks of my full subscription, I excepted every invitation for lunch and dinner from anyone who asked within reason. I went on about 6 dates. One of the men that I met was Betta14u. That was Nov.20, 2006 and as the anniversary of that meeting is approaching fast and we are still together and growing stronger in our love. It just goes to prove, this thing really does work. Thank you Black Singles.

volumptuous & Dawsom

Well, I must say after a few short months after signing up with I met the man of my dreams. I never thought that I could meet someone who shares so much of the same interests.

After being on Blacksingles for one month a young man sent me a smile wanting to know more about me. I was relunctant at first but then decided that I had nothing to loose. Ever since that day we have been communicating every single day via email, telephone you name it what ever means it took we embraced it.

I must say Thanks to Blacksingles and to all the men who showed an interest in Volumptuous but since I've met Dawsom I have been very happy there is not a day go by that I'm not smiling and looking forward to another day talking with him.

Good luck to the rest of you in finding that special someone!!!



I've been a BlackSingles member since January and I met and talked to many men, but no one like this one...he is what I would consider my soul mate, if one exists. At first I was reluctant to give him a try, because I got such a vibe from his photo, it startled me. Deep inside I knew something was there, but I was scared. I was currently talking to someone else, whom I adored, but I never got that instant jolt as I did with this man. And after our conversations, emails, and text (although shaky at first) I was instantly in love. He's brilliant, so ambitious, so lovable, so smart, caring, he's everything I want and more.
My sincere thanks to BlackSingles, for without I don't think I would have met this one of a kind man....
Best wishes to everyone on black singles....

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