Success Stories: 2006

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Angeleyes84 & Lashaud

I want to thank BlackSingles from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for you, I would have never met my soulmate. I was giving up hope in trying to find someone who I can share my life with. So eventually I gave up looking and left it God's hands. One day as I was going through my favorites, there he was. I read his profile (which was quite lengthy) but I did not care. I was so intrigued and mesmerized him. We then contacted each other and we soon fell for each other. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I'm in love and I am happy. Just to think I was about to delete my profile and give it all up! I now believe in soulmates. For all my sisters out there please don't give up. Stick in there! I know you here this all the time, but you got to trust in the Lord and trust in HIM. I know at times it seems all the guys you meet end up being jerks but sometimes you have to go through a few bad ones before you can find your true love. Trust in God and he will show you your soulmate. Good luck and God bless you. -Angeleyes84 & Lashaud

carmellady30 & tha_wright1

Hi everyone at Myself (carmellady30) and tha_wright1 would like to thank you for all of your help on getting us together. When we met it was like we both were angels from heaven sent to each other. We spoke on the phone for days and agreed to meet in Fallahassee, FL.
When we first saw each other we both felt that we were able to breath again after a long length of struggle in previous relationships.
We knew that it was instant connection that we were meant to be together when we saw each other get out of our cars. Even more we knew it when we spent the whole weekend together and did not want each other to leave one anothers side.
So we came up with a solution to move closer together to further our love for one another and to hopefully live happily ever after.
Once again we would like to thank for such a great website.


Thank you for providing this opportunity for single people to meet their soul mate whom they may have never had the opportunity to meet any other way. I have, in fact, met my soul mate through your service. We met in August 2006 and are now planning our future together. I don't have to look any further! What's funny is that a family member of his is good friends with a family member of mine and we never met! That just shows you that this is such a small world and because of BlackSingles, you were able to do something our family member couldn't----bring us together!
Thank you very much and wish us luck in our new relationship, we are very happy! I will definitely refer other quality single people to!


kwoman & Thedrummertbone

I would like to thank Blacksingles for the opportunity to meet my soulmate. I had orginally placed a success story about 6 weeks ago & then had it taken down, due to some doubts I was experiencing. I am now over my doubts regarding my relationship with thedrummertbone & we are deleriously happy & content. When thedrummertboone first contacted me I was becoming very frustrated with most of the men on this site. He tells me he knew I was the one from the moment we first spoke on the telephone. I on the other hand was a little more apprehensive. We carried on a correspondence thru e-mails & telephone calls for about 2 mos & then prior to a concert (he is a professional touring musician), we made arrangements to meet in my hometown. I live in Niagara Falls Canada & he resides in Detroit & after the initial nervousness wore off we both relaxed & felt like we had known each other our entire lives. As that our first meeting corresponded with my 45th birthday to my surprise & delight, he presented me with the most beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. Our first weekend together was one from which a romance novel could be cast. Thedrummertbone is the perfect man for me & I am the luckiest woman in the world to have him in my life. He treats me like a queen & is a true gentleman & scholar. We have already spoken about marriage & I am looking forward to his proposal. He tells me he has been planning it from day one. Thank you once again Blacksingles. & to all the members who have yet to find that special someone, be patient, if you are true to yourself & others, love will come into your life.

**UPDATED November 15th 2006**
Thedrummertbone has proposed to me with an 10 carat diamond ring & I have happily accepted. Our 500 guest wedding is set for Aug. 25/2007 in Detroit, Michigan & we will definitely be submitting photos of the nuptials after the big event. We have previously submitted a success story, so will not reiterate, however thank you once again Blacksingles for uniting us in love, committment & forever togetherness.

Thedrummertbone & kwoman

Apeaches & Justwanted

I would like to give thanks to for having a wonderful web site. My profile name was Apeaches and I've only been a member for 2 months and I have found the Man that I have been looking for. His profile name is Justwanted. He IM'd me and we talked for about a week and than we exchanged emails. The day came and we exchanged numbers. It was like we had known each other our whole lifes.
We finally met and he was everything that he said he was plus more. After he had met he took his profile off and now I am doing the same, We are looking to our future together. We live 2hr's from each other, that dose not matter we talk every night on the phone. So just to thank you blacksingles.


It took a long time to find my Mr. Right. And I really didn't think it was going to happen through online dating. But after a year we're in a committed relationship and I have this site to thank. He's a really good man, not one that's pretending to be a good man, but a true good man. So ladies and gents stick it out...if you're patient and selective enough you'll find your match! Good luck.

straberry2393 & Hamp

Hello, I loved your site; I have been here for several months. I have met a few men here. I have finally found my soulmate. We have been talking to each other now for months and also talking on the telephone. We have even been out on a couple dates. He fell in love with my tow kids and we just hit it off. We fell in love and now we're talking about a promising future together. His username is Hamp. It seems we can't stop seeing each other. This is so very new to me. I really do love him and we are so much in love. I just want to say thank you very much for making this happen......DSTRAWBERRY2393

kissingprincess & cccdj39

I want to thank you for creating this site. Because of this site I met and found my soulmate. I've been on this site for 1 year give or take. One day I came across this profile for cccdj39. Since I wasn't a member to get this attention I send him smiles and cards. Finally he IM'd me and we had a good conversation. He fell in love with my words not my pic. So we talked on the phone and he telling me he fell in love with me in a few days. As I kept talking to him I felt it to. So we just met in person for the first time. When I met him I fell right in love with him. So to pass the time we walked around holding hands, kissing up a storm, and really getting to know each other. Then he showed me a romantic time later and told me he loved me over and over. I am hoping in the near future that we get married and have a girl and boy running around in the next 6 years. So thanks you Tasha for letting us meet on this wonderful site.

choclatevirtue & Fitz1503

We had sent each other smiles and cards back and forth for well over a month, but were always unsuccessful in our attempt to contact each other via email or phone. Finally, it happened & it's been nothing but total enjoyment ever since. We've laughed, cried, confessed, and encouraged one another & are looking so forward to the "brightest future" ever together!!! The strangest part of it all is that I had attempted to remove my profile several times, but my pc would always shut-down on me in the middle of it. He's (fitz1503) the answer to a prayer that I wrote down (back in March of this year) and I am eternally grateful; (especially since another gentleman ~~~ "a man of the cloth" turned out to be less than "integral" and I was quite the bit wounded as a result. None-the-less, thanks Tasha, BSC'S Staff Members, & may God cause every connection to be His own for each member from this day forward.

Be Blessed,
Choclatevirtue & Fitz1503

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