Success Stories: 2006

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SincereSandy & thesingleman

Thankful at Thanksgiving........On 11/11/05 I was viewing his profile "thesingleman", I (SincereSandy) decided just to browse the site and not to connect that day. But after several minutes he sent me an invitation to chat. At first I was hesitant, but I decided what do I have to lose except a little time. We chatted for about an hour about ourselves, our experiences online and what we were seeking in a mate. We exchanged phone numbers and after that it was a wrap. We talked on the phone for hours everyday. We both agreed the chemistry was there for us. I knew that God would provide the man that is right for me, someone who has a sense of humor and enjoys laughing as much as I do. By the end of the week he ask me to have Thanksgiving Dinner with him and I accepted, because we did not live very far from each other. We met on Thanksgiving Day and had a very nice time together. Now we have decided to build on the friendship we have started and see where it takes us. SincereSandy and thesingleman are a pair. Thanks Black Singles for helping us make the connection.


I must honestly say that I never thought that I would meet someone as special as the man I have been conversing with for over the past two months. I honestly believe that he is my soulmate and I just pray that the love continues to grow. We are over 2500 miles apart but I trust that God will make a way for our love to prevail. I am in North Carolina and he is in California. I have chosen to remove my profile to give our relationship a chance to develop into what I sincerely believe will be a lifetime. I honestly thought that I would never be posting a success story but Glory be to God Ruth has found her Boaz! To all who are in search of true love never give up, keep the faith and do not settle for less. He or She is out there just be patient and wait on God. He answered my prayer and I am sure He will answer yours!

Musiqman & Gali1212

Well all I can say is "Thanks so Much Black Singles!". My user name is "MusiqMan" and I got on this site back in March and really got on to do interviews for a book that I'm writing on relationships. I met some really cool people and went on a few date's but nothing prepared me for what happened to me about two months ago. I was really tired of just going on dates and I asked "God" to send me an "Angel" and he really did! I live in Phoenix, Az and she lives in Mexico but she's moving to Nevada to finish her marketing degree and from there, we will be together in Phoenix. I just turned 35 and she came to visit me in Phoenix for my birthday and met all my family and friends and everyone loved her!! By the way she's "Gali1212" and we get along so very well and it's 10% physical and 90% mental. It's like finding that missing piece to a puzzle that you've been trying to find your whole life, my life partner, she's my best friend, my love and everything I could have wanted and ever needed, "God" sent to me!! So thanks so much and please keep the faith and stay focused on love and living a very great life. Ciao and good luck to everyone and "GOD BLESS"!! Oh! By the way my real name is "Bobby-Khalid" and her name is "Janette", Mi Amore!!!!!

sparks01 & PGQ06

I met PGQ06 on the site several months ago. He was viewing my profile when I IM'd him. There was an instant connection. We shared a similar work background, family interests and a committment to deepening our relationship with God. He's fun, smart, and a good man with a brave and loving heart (and he's tall and handsome too!). We live in different cities and have decided to date. When we first me, I understood the meaning of "waiting to exhale". We have used the site to keep in touch, IM and send silly cards with sweet messages. It has helped us to begin to form a good, positive relationship. I am happy to have him in my life.

ladycarmel_8 & Algrownup2

We met on Friday, October 20, 2006 online. I was searching the profiles of men who were online. As I searched, I ran across his profile and "smiled" at him. In a matter of minutes he "smiled" me back. Once I received his "smile", I instant messaged him and we IM'd online for four hours and then talked two more hours on the phone. We have talked every day since....He proposed Friday, November 24, 2006 --- my birthday.

His Story:
My search is over. God has caused both life and love to smile on me. I have met the most incredible woman, Ladycarmel_8. We met back on Oct. 20. She smiled…I smiled back. We have been inseparable ever since. When it's right…you just know. On her birthday, Nov. 24th, I asked her for her hand…she said Yes! We are planning a spring wedding. Oh…and yes! I put a phat rock on her beautiful finger…Thank you BSC!

vporter & lookingforlove

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity to have the chance to be on BlackSingles for the three months.
The time I was on here I have met a very special person for me. I was saying to myself can I meet anyone on this site so I'll give it a chance. And I am glad I did. My sign on name was at the time was vporter ....
Veronica and his was I believed lookingforlove ..
but under the name Derek.
All I wanted to say thank you very much that I have met my love of my life, and now he is my lovely husband now just because of your site.
And ever since I have told alot of my friends about your site > BlackSingles.
I just have to at least let you know because of you once again. Thank you the bottom of my heart!
And Happy Holidays
Love You All


I want to thank you having this site and allowing people to come together and meet like this. I didn't think I would find someone that I coneected with so well online. But you guys have proved me wrong I have met the man of my dreams and hope to spend the rest of my life with him. It seems kind of crazy but it's real as can be and I guess until you actually find someone who you connect with mentally, emotionally, and physically you really don't know what you could be missing out on by not at least trying to see where someones head is at on here. I gave it a try and now I'm in love. Thanks so much and good luck to everyone with finding your I got mine !!!!! Much Love

HoneyBear777 & Coolaidnate

I was looking through profiles for a man who was a Born Again Christian. When I found Coolaidnate's profile and saw not only was he a Born Again Christian but lived in my own city I was very interested so I selected that I thought we would click. In the meantime he had selected the same about me also. We started communicating and eventually met. We have been inseparable ever since. Thank you, Tasha for creating Black Singles.....from Honeybear777and Coolaidnate.

**UPDATED Sept 21st, 2007**
Honeybear777 and Coolaidnate were married on June 3, 2007. We met on your site last October 2006. We are very happy. We love each other more today than yesterday and not as much as tomorrow...LOL....we feel the Lord definitely destined us for one another. Although we lived in the same city, we would never have met if not for your site. We thank you and mostly the Lord for putting us together.

ibebright and Victoriouslove

We are so blessed to all the wonderful people we have met on this site. It has been an honor and a sweet joy to spend the short time with ALL the beautiful individuals here. But we have found each other (soulmate for life) here, and I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit brought us together by the help of I hope that each of you who are looking for that right individual, will seek after Christ first, and allow Him to choose the one that is in His perfect will for your life. It is our prayer that each of you be bless each day.......

In Christ Love,

Ibebright and Victoriouslove

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