Success Stories: 2006

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sasc1 & BiggPappi39

I sasc1 met BiggPappi39 on the site on Oct. 9, 2006. We met in person on Oct. 18, 2006. For a whole week we talked over the phone and it was a connection there before we even met face to face. So we met and I new that this was going to be my future husband. November 5, 2006 he proposed to me and was married on December 5, 2006. I relocated to where he lives. We are happily married and I don't regret it one bit about our decision. I knew I would meet my soulmate on this site and I did. Thanks to BlackSingles connection I found my husband. Of course it was some negativity in there from our families asking, "How long we've been knowing each other?" "Do we think its going to work out because we only been knowing each other for a short period of time?" It didn't matter what our family wanted. The only thing that matters is what makes us happy. If we try to live for our families we would be in a nut house. As of today our families accepted our choices and everyone seems to be happy with it. My children love him. He loves them and we're just one big happy family. One day we're going to be planning to have a child of our own soon. Just when I was about to give up hope on finding a good man, God answered my prayers. Once again thanks Black Singles for giving me the opportunity to use your site to find my soulmate. Now that I have found him I don't need to look any longer. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. sasc1 and BiggPappi39

missisj & mulima

After being on the site for only 1 month, in June 2006, I met what I believe is the most wonderful and loving man in the world. He was from Jacksonville, FL and I'm from Atlanta. We exchanged phone numbers almost immediately because chatting on-line can seem somewhat informal. After talking on the phone for almost 2 weeks, one Friday afternoon he called and asked if I would like to go out that night. My first thought was "You're in another State" anyway, I entertained his invitation and he said "I'll call you when I get to the airport". My first thought was that this guy is a "Joke" anyway, he did call me from the airport and told me what time his flight would arrive. I still didn't believe he was actually flying to Atl to see me. When he arrived at Atlanta airport, he called me and said, "Ok, where do I go from here". I was totally blown away. I directed the cab to take him to a gas Station nearby because I didn't want this stranger knowing where I lived. When I saw him at first, I was not very impressed he was dressed like a thug and he did not fit the mold of my ideal man. I had gotten a picture but just a head shot. he looked a little different than the picture. Anyway, I decided to just "Make the best of it". We drove around for a while and then found a local Reggae club that we agreed on since we both favoured reggae music. We had the best time I have had in a very, very long time. He was a perfect gentleman. At the end of the night, I took him back to his hotel that he had checked into earlier. I stayed to chat and eat and instead ended up staying with him that night. In the morning, we had breakfast and he caught his 3pm flight back home. Not sure what was happening but it seemed like we had known each other for a long time. In the weeks to follow, he came back to ATL almost every weekend we had so much fun. Sometimes spending 3-4 days in a hotel. I wasn't ready to bring him home just yet. We were really enjoying each others company. We went to the finest restaurants and nicest places. In August I went to visit him at his home in Jacksonville and that's when he popped the question. I was totally surprised. He said he knew without a doubt that I was the only one in this world for him and he did not want to lose me. He realized this while he was on a business trip to California where he purchased my beautiful 3 ct. Ring. I just stood there in shock for a minute and didn't answer. He said I didn't have to answer because he knew it was still early in the realtionship but he didn't want to lose me. I thought about it for a few hours and then I said "Yes". It just felt right. By the end of August he and given up his home in Florida and moved to Atlanta. We celebrated by going to LA for Labor day and life has been great ever since. We plan on getting married in September 2007. My children absolutely love him. The accepted him immediately into their lives which was a surprise to me. My family thinks he is wonderful because they can see how much he loves me. He is the perfect gentleman, a good provider and a good role model for my children. He treats them and loves them as he does his own. Thank you black singles for giving missisj & mulima our love connection

bbeauty271 & KHAYYIEL71

I have met my soulmate right here on this site. So first of all, thanks for the gateway Tasha.
It's been a complete and satisfying journey and just thought I would let you know how much appreciation there is for the connection.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And for all of you grown ups out there looking for Mr or Ms right, patience is the key and lots of overstanding.

Almost forgot KHAYYIEL71 my future husband.

Habitforming & mstewart

I have been on this site for about 4 years and during my time here I got involved with someone I met on a different site. That didn't go as well as I would have liked it to. I decided to go back Blacksingles and found mstewart and from the first conversation there was an instant connection. She was easy to converse with and convey my thoughts, passions, dreams and desires. I have never felt so at ease with expressing myself---the good and indifferent!!

Now allow mstewart to give her testimony----

I came to Blacksingles looking for a friend, someone to talk to and maybe spend some time with and have fun. I visited the website for a few weeks not really expecting much. What I found was the love of my life. I found someone who I can be myself with, share my dreams and desires. He makes me laugh, he makes me think. He shares all of himself with me makes me feel safe enough to share all of myself with him.

mstewart and I (Habitforming) would like to thank blacksingles (formerly blacksinglesconnection) for the site and making this connection possible. I wish you all the happiness I found here.

**UPDATED Jan 2nd, 2007**
I would like to inform all admirers that this site has worked well for me. I have found someone here that not only intrigues me but I her as well. I want to thank all my admirers for stopping by but this brother is OFF THE MARKET. I wish everyone here the success I have had here. May you have a good day today------a better day tomorrow------and a most prosperous introduction into the future.
Mstewart and I are enjoying the aforementioned abundantly. Again I want to thank Blacksingles for making this connection possible.



She had no photo but she was so magnetic that I couldn't resist her invitation to go private. It was denifinitely her profound wisdom that attracted me. It was so powerful, I couldn't resist. In fact, she reminded me of Esther of the Bible Old Testament, as opposed to an arrogant, stuck-up Vashti.

Oh, what a beauty! When she finally, after 3 conversations, showed me her photos I was swept off my feet -- Her beauty is simply breath-taking.

A true gorgeous soul-mate from Heaven, sent by God!

We got married very happily!


I met this wonderful guy just when I was giving up on having other dates that didn't work out.
This was back in July I met this guy. We both clicked on yes and he is my 98% match. His name is Jimmie and Mine Elsa.
He lives in Glendale Arizona and I in San Diego. We have been in touch everyday. He came to meet me in SD and we liked each other and we visit when there is a chance.
This is a match and we won't let go. We are happy to have found each other. Thanks to you BS.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
mexgirl and Jimmie

dreadlocs43 & islandman4u

my name is cynthea; online i am known as dreadlocs43. I've been with blacksingles about three months, but I will close my account Dec 8, 2006. I have looked at many profiles but this one profile caught my eyes. I just kept on looking at it over and over until one day I was online and this person was online so I clicked to IM him and it started there. We started chatting every day until I went in the hospital for surgery on Nov 6, 2006. When I got out he was there still waiting for me to come online. We started sending each other smiles, and cards, then we exchanged phone numbers and then I heard his sexy voice and fell in love from there. We both just couldn't believe that we where 100%match and had so much in common and these last two months have been wonderful. We both realized that it was faith that brought us together and We are in love now even though he is in Jamaica. I will be going there to see him in Feb 2007 and there we will make our plans for a life time together. Yea man this man that I am talking about is known as islandman4u. My king Rhoan. The good thing about it is when we get married I won't have to change my last name because it is the same. He is the love of my life right now and I thank you for this site as well as Jah. Even though he is in Jamaica and I am in North Carolina there is nothing to keep us apart. This man is my everything and he has put love back in my heart, and I say to him thank you for loving me the way I love you. Thanks Blacksingles from the both of us CYNTHEA & RHOAN

RarestSweets & Matt 674

His name is Matt 674 we met on here. From the very first time we talked, we hit it off. We have almost eveything in common especially the things that matter the most. We met in person and met each others families. To me it seems like he is the person that I have been waiting for my whole life. We are getting married in August

Smittyj & queenslim

My story is about a young lady named queenslim. Her persistance got my attention. She found me by IMing me through Black Singles and it was on from there. Thou we lived a great distance (about 10hrs away) we e-mailed each other every day having e-mail conversation that would last about 3-4 hours. Then in the eveing we talk by phone for about 4hrs we had gotten real close. Have you ever felt like you've known a girl all your life and that shes the one for you and you got to have her? She completes you!!!! Well that's the way I feel and still do. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Where other sisters have failed she shined right through.
I even wrote her poetry telling her how I feel and how she makes me feel. And we have not even met yet!!! Well the day came when we decided to meet. I was to go to where she lives to see her but too many obsticles got in the way of me getting there. A whole month got by us and I'm still trying to get there but by the grace of god I made it. She met me at the bus station, looking fine as ever and it was like love at first sight. Antisipation of our meeting was over and we fell in love all over again. I never knew love like this til I met her. When I got home I went to church the next day thanking god for sending me an angel. QueenSlim shes moving to my home town the first of the year to be with me and I'm welcoming her with open arms... she is my baby...the love of my life.

Smittyj & queenslim

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