Success Stories: 2005

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It took me about 5 months, but I found my soulmate. He just came to me in a matter of weeks. We fell for each other. It felt like I knew him for years. We already have plans for marriage and family. I am moving to where he lives in a few months. All I can say is thank you.


We met about a year ago. And, what I had discovered in my life that dating was not biblical, so we never dated and got to know one another thru the word of God. We have since met and met one anothers parents. We are both christians and believe in following the word of God. We have never kissed and don't plan to kiss prior to our wedding. In life, we both have learned that kissing, dating, and things of such, leads to other things which is not conducive to the word of God. I'm happy to say that my wife to be is what I requested from God. I wanted a spiritual, mental, and last physical connection with who I was seeking. And thus I found.

cream05 & COLONACE17

Hi Tasha,

It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to speak with you regarding my love connection. I wanted to thank (formerly Black Singles Connection) for the avenue to meet that special someone in my life. My new love interest came to me on June 26th. We met on a sunny Sunday afternoon and it was love from the moment I met him. I'd been on several dates and he was the only one who literally swept me off my feet. I'm not difficult to please, but, this time I promised myself to be more intune to the person I wanted in my life. No passes would be given this time around. I'm recently divorced and wasn't playing any games. It's been almost 3 months and I couldn't be happier. We see one another often and alot. It's hard to be away from him. He is truly that bright light in my life and I'm so thankful that God sent him to me. He loves the Lord so much and he inspires me everyday. I never thought I'd use this avenue to meet that special person. My goal was to have some fun and meet people I wouldn't normally have a chance to see with my work scheldule being to hectic. We are truly happy together and I thank you for the resource you've provided. To those that are skeptical about internet dating, don't be. Your life is what you make of it. It doesn't have to be a tramatic or unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, this is one of the better places where people can misrepresent themselves. Being honest is definately the key to success. In every area of your life. Thank you again for the headstart to meeting the man I know I will marry.

Much love...


I received a smile shortly after listing my profile, which inspired me to sign up and become a member. We emailed and then shared cell phone numbers, pictures, etc. We then met and spent hours on the phone every night after that. We are continuing to see each other and burn up the phone lines. He is a wonderful, caring, strong, responsible, man with a good sense of humor. Just the type of person I was looking for! This site is great compared to others, because you can recieve a smile even without paying up front. That allows you to test the waters and when you do get a smile, you can go for it! We'll let you know how our story ends.

SHAKESPEARE & mellomocha

I met a wonderful woman called "MelloMocha" on your site. Although she is 2,100 miles away, we fell madly in love. We will be married in 2006. I never realized that someone so special was waiting for me here on your site. I can only say thank you for completing my life.

hola34 & yeahrod

I just wanted to let everyone know that I found the most beautiful and sexy man. His name is "yeahrod". This relationship is going to lead to marriage in a year or two. Thanks (formerly Black Singles Connection) for everything.


I met a wonderful woman. We have decided to share our lives together as two but one. The future can only hold greater light and joy. Thanks.


I subscribed to this service shortly after ending my relationship with the abusive father of my child. Two days later, I met the man of dreams. I cannot believe I am falling for this man so quickly. He is wonderful, and he likes me for me. Thank you so very much (formerly Black Singles Connection). I cannot thank you more for proving to me, that there are still good men alive and thriving.


I have found my future wife and we plan to marry in her hometown next year. She is so wonderful. It only took 3 letters and that was it. You will never split us up no matter what you try. She is coming here so we can arange everything for the wedding. Thank you so much for this site.

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