We know where our hearts are every time.

s_skariah & Ksolo11s_skariah & Ksolo11

First of all, I would like to Thank God! We met on Blacksingles.com. First, we became friends, talking to each other most of the time. After that, we met face to face on November 11, 2007. Since then, he took a couple of breaks (we all know what that means ;-)), but then he started to pursue me. So finally June 2008, we started talking to each other again, and things started to get serious. After that, March 2009, he asked me to marry me. We have been through some of the crazy things together already, but guess what... we have only made it through with the Grace of God. We are not a perfect couple, but we know where our hearts are every time. I would definitely take my time to say, I will come back in 25 years, and give you my story at that time. For now, we got married on January 1, 2010 (yes New Year's Day 2010), and we are moving forward with God first in our lives. Together we have 3 kids total and planning to have 1 more.

Thank you Blacksingles.com!

Salina and Kory

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