We both had the same feelings.


Thank you Black Singles.com

This is our success story:
I, Bobby and Rhonda wanted to share the way we met on BlackSingles.com. On September 6th 2010, I (Bobby) was scrolling thru the singles when I came across (Rhonda) and said wow...but kept going because I didn’t think she would be interested. Well something told me to go back and
leave her a message which consisted of “I normally don’t do this, but you really
look like a nice lady and here is my number if you want to call and talk to me…if not, I understand.” Well I (Rhonda,) sent him a message back that said “I will call you about 9:30”. So I did. That is when we talked like we had been
friends forever. Our first date was on September 10th and that consisted of him coming to my house and when asked where we wanted to go, Bobby said how about IHOP. I said sounds great. We had the best time ever. It was like we had known each other for years. He spent the entire weekend with me which was so amazing. I (Rhonda) told Bobby not to fall in love with me, but we both had the same feelings. We both had said that we didn’t believe in love at first sight, but we both wanted to say it when he had to go home on Sunday night. Bobby has always said that when he pulled up and I opened the garage door that he knew I was the one. The next five days were really hard for the both of us. We began to talk on the web cam and see each other. That was the best week when we told each other over the web cam that we loved each other. We both have been through trials through marriages and all and have waited for the time that we would find someone that
would give and show us the things that we have always wanted….love and respect. We plan to wed on September 10th, 2011 and would like to thank your website for this success.

Bobby & Rhonda

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