We just met face to face last week

kadee & Livethelife

I have some good news and some bad news. You know months ago when I first subscribed to BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection), I was so impressed by the site that I just had to write to express that. I read other success stories and now I am able to join in the success chorus cause I believe that I have met my soulmate (honestly). He is "Livethelife" and he and I have so much in common-- our Christian beliefs, our childhood backgrounds, our likes and dislikes-- I could go on and on; but I won't. I told him that I would be sending this notice. We just met face to face last week, but have already formed a bond. He lives around 90 miles away from me; but there have been longer long distance romances for sure. He is widowed and so am I and we have both been praying to God for that marriage partner. I did not join BlackSingles.com to find a date!! Anyway, that is the good news. The bad news is that my new boyfriend and I will no longer have need of your services at BlackSingles.com (I am like 99.9% sure of this). But, I am wishing y'all even more continuous profitable success now and in the new year to come with others like me who are looking for love online.

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