I joined this site about 4-5 months ago

Mrloverman76 & sharomoy3

I just wanted to thank BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection) for helping me find my love one that is really compatible with me. I joined this site about 4-5 months ago and I met my soulmate, been with her for now 3 months. Everything is great, we've had a couple encounters, but the one thing I'm motivated on is my love for her. Every relationship you are in will always have your ups and downs but it's how you leave the situation. If you can help it always try to leave on good terms, the world is meant for men and woman to agree and disagree. After being in a relationship for 8 1/2 yrs, being single for 8-9 months, not looking for anyone, finally my shining star has found me and brought me someone special. So to all individuals out there looking for your soulmate, don't give up, there is hope especially when you're not trying too hard to find someone. Thank you again BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection).

A Happy and Blessed Man,

Her story:
I just wanted to say thanks to BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection). I have finally found my lover, soulmate, and friend who will be my future husband very soon. We first met at a club because I was kind of scared to meet him anywhere else. It was my first time meeting someone online and then actually meeting in person. Well, the night we met I met him in the parking lot before we went in the club and we both saw one another. We were both surprised and I felt that he was shy and I was too. We were both pleased and both interested in one another. So we both went in the club and had a great time and had drinks and got to know one another. The night ended very nice and I thought like every woman he was not interested in me like he said he was just playing the role like guys do these days. But, anyway, we both got to know each other very well, I really am deeply in love with him and just was very thankful to meet someone like him. And, to think that I would be engaged to him so soon but I accepted the ring and it's in the plans soon. So keep us in your prayers and hope you will find your soulmate soon because there is someone out there for you all. God Bless.

"Sharomoy3" and M"rloverman76"

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