2400 Miles No Longer Between Us

SERIOUSNESS & Honistiesfriend2

I decided to write this story to encourage those who are presently in a long distance relationship. I am not going to tell you that a long distance relationship is easy because it is not. When you are involved in a long distance relationship you must have trust, love, a strong commitment, and perseverance. You must be prepared to expect the unexpected, and also to deal with those doubting Thomas’… such as your family, friends, etc. And yes, you will have many obstacles in your path.

In the month of October, 2004, I met "Honistiesfriend2" through the message board. He had written a beautiful post that touched my heart deeply. I was so very moved by his post that I contacted him by mingle mail to let him know that I appreciated what he had written. Our conversations went from instant messages; mingle mail, yahoo messenger, to hundreds of hours on the phone over the next several months.

We finally agreed to meet in March of 2005. I flew to Las Vegas, and the four days that I spent there with him were the most beautiful days that I had in years. After that meeting we began talking about me relocating to Las Vegas to live. After much prayer and discussion, I was able to relocate to Las Vegas.

But, before I relocated, we both admitted that we thought that we would never be together because of the many hurdles that we had to jump over. It was our bond of love, trust, commitment, and perseverance that kept this long distance relationship from falling apart. We came through this storm of being so far apart from each other. No more 2400 miles between us.

Honistiesfriend2 and Seriousness

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