Three Feet From Gold

Mochaccino & TorieTorie

I was in the last week of my paid subscription to BlackSingles. I've met many nice ladies, but none who were truly ready to connect. I received a notice that a lady had viewed my profile, but I hadn't received any new messages. On a hunch, I viewed HER profile. I liked what I read as well as her photos, so I left a message to read my entire profile "with an open mind," asking her to post a message if she was interested. She did; we progressed from the site to emails then phone calls. The funny thing is that the reason she didn't leave a message was because of my willingness to have more children; she took that as a requirement LOL! Also, she wasn't even looking for herself; she was being a buddy while her friend was looking to make a connection! We were about to bypass each other over what we thought - even before we gave each other a chance. Like a prospector, we were three feet from gold, but didn't know it, and almost ready to give up our "rights" to the treasures to come.

We became a couple after our first meeting, with big plans in store. I never thought I'd find a lady who was everything I wanted in a partner!! We talk every night for hours and have done so since we first spoke. We connect daily via text & emails, and being almost 6 hrs apart hasn't stopped us from meeting in person. I know what love is and have finally found My Most Excellent Woman thanks to BlackSingles; we plan to become married next Spring. Praise God and thank you, BlackSingles!


"Mochaccino" & "TorieTorie"

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