There was an immediate connection between us...

SolidRockUK & Over2U

The truth is, I had used your site for a few months, and had received no responses of any note whatsoever. I was deeply disappointed, and a little frustrated. I had no computer at home anyway, so occasionally used one at my friend's house, or logged on during lunch breaks at my local library. However, I had had enough, and told my friend I would use the site one last time, and cancel my subscription.

I logged on as SolidRockUK, and while perusing the site for the final time, I came across the user profile 'Over2U'. The photo showed a lively, ebullient and attractive woman who immediately caught my eye. She had a charming smile and demeanor that suggested an air of playfulness and fun. She had a gorgeous figure to die for, and I immediately shouted out to my friend - 'Wow - She's the One!!! I've got to get in touch with this woman!'. I then realized, the account was closed and she was no longer a member. I took a deep breath and sighed in utter disbelief. Undaunted, I sent an email/contact note anyway, and disclosed the fact I would like to get to know her better - but if she did not feel inclined to reciprocate, I wished her all the very best, and happiness in finding a 'special someone' in the future. I sent the email, canceled my subscription and turned off the PC.

Just before I left my friend's house, my mobile phone rang! It was 'Over2U'!!! That was 10th November 2008. We introduced ourselves and began to talk. I was perplexed. Her profile was closed and no longer in use. How did she get my message?

Jackie (as he name turned out to be) said the message I had sent had intrigued her - especially the well-wishes for the future. She reactivated her account especially, and read it and got in touch. We began dating for several months, there was an immediate connection between us - warmth and sincerity. She actually took a genuine interest in me a person, and this has been rare in my experience.

Love blossomed and grew. I proposed to Jackie while on holiday together in Tunisia, North Africa, 10th June 2009. We were married 20th March 2010 in my home town Birmingham, England, and we live together in Kent. The wedding day went like a dream. We had a truly wonderful time, and so did all our friends and families. We had a sensational honeymoon in the Caribbean for two weeks. We stayed in Barbados at a quiet, sun-soaked resort. We spent 7 days on a Cruise visiting St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St Maartens, San Juan in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), Dominica, and then returned to Barbados to relax for a few more days.

I guess the moral of the story is - 'Never give up hope of finding that special someone'. We had to share our story with you, as this kind of occurrence doesn't have to happen only in the movies. I wish all of your subscribers, Patience, Peace, and Love.

SolidRockUK & Over2U
Paul & Jackie

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