Love at First Chat

ChocaMocha & TakeItOff

I'm happy to confirm that he proposed to me 3 days ago on the same day he arrived in London to meet me for the first time. We are so in love and cannot wait to be married and settle down to have a family.

My partner's name is Cory. His username was TakeItOff. Within just 2 days of chatting online via yahoo, we had fallen in love and he had then asked me to delete my profile as we had found each other.

We had both smiled at each other back in September, but he had not replied to my last email until the 10th of Oct. And by the 15th we had officially fallen in love.

I had always heard about love at first sight, but would never in a million years have believed that it could happen to me. Ours is even more special as he lived in NC and I in London and so we have named it "Love at First Chat".

Thank you so much for helping me fing my soulmate and he says "Thank you for connecting me to my missing rib". Love does exist online too...

Cory and Lola

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