It was well worth the money.

chinaakbar & Blackcharm1

On Friday December 19th, I had went out to dinner alone as usual. Well it was 8:30 when I went home to change my clothes and to go back out to the movies. Well, I decided to check my emails and see what kind of hits I had received. As usual, I was not satisfied. However, I accidentally pushed the wrong key which was the key showing who was online and the first person that popped up was Blackcharm1. I viewed his profile and seen where he was from and I thought to myself, "he must be from Ontario, Canada". I looked again and it was Ontario, California. Well, anyhow, I quickly looked at his profile to learn about this man, then I went back and instant messaged him. He did not respond, so I left him an email letting him know that I was trying to get a hold of him. Then he instant messaged me back and I told him that I had just left Ontario and was on my way back to go to the movies. He said he was going as well. He asked me if I would mind if he joins me and I accepted his proposal and it was all good from there. I let him know that I was removing my Profile from BlackSingles and he said the same. I have only been back to you guys for three days and just want to say thanks, it was well worth the money, but I hope to never come back of course. I mean that in a good way.


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