He is my King and I am his Queen.

scentualmee & fieldsgood

Well, I met an incredible man here almost 2 years ago that my daddy/God presented to me.(His profile name is Fieldsgood). We lost contact with one another and our paths crossed again. We both are very happy we've connected again. Not one hour passes that we don't talk to one another. I look forward to being the best covenant keeping woman I can be and I am looking forward to submitting and supporting him as the designer God desired for a woman/me to compliment his man/him. He is my King and I am his Queen. He has been very attentive; we both have. My fiance will be relocating to California by the end of January where we will live one day at a time not taking one moment for granted. We are grateful for BlackSingles dating site. If it were not for this place, we wouldn't have met. Our prayer for others is that if you're desiring love, may you find it and this time make it last forever. We haven't set a date, but we'll keep you posted.

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