We fell in love at that moment.

Vivemarie &  Sean3109Vivemarie & Sean3109

I have to say that meeting Tim on BlackSingles was a blessing....I read his profile and I sent him a smile? The next thing we know, we are talking on the phone everyday and we are making plans to meet in San Diego. I picked him up at the airport and we hugged. While driving to my house, I was trying to refrain from looking at him because I was afraid to get in a accident! We talked about this and the fact that we both could feel the attraction for each other...Something was in the air.....
We arrived home, he put his bags away and in the middle of the living room, he held me in his arms. I wanted this moment to last forever. Does it sound like a cliche? Well...I know now the meaning of this "cliche." I could feel his tenderness and love passing through my body. We fell in love at that moment. We spent 3 days together; three wonderful days. I guess neither of us wanted to sound "silly" and be the one to say "I love you." However, on the second day... no... the second night, I said it and he said it back to me.
Since then, we have talked to each other several times a day. There hasn't been a morning when he did not text me "Good morning Baby." He is coming back in a few weeks and we both look forward to spending more time together.

It sound like one of these commercials advertising a dating site right? Well, it is not..It is all real and it is called LOVE.....

Marie and Tim

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