AlwaysALady28 & ThuggishHeart


He says I sent him a smile which I do not recall, but I am happy I did. He in return sent me a smile, a card, and sent me an email with his number. I responded saying to him lets get to know each other on-line first. I thought he was moving way too fast and I was not comfortable with this on-line thing. I never thought I would really find someone on here that I would consider being serious with because of all the prior cards and smiles always ended up in foolish chat. He sent me other mail with his pictures attached and his number once again. He also tried to IM me and I did not respond because I was busy at that time. Once I tried to respond, he was signed off. He sent me one last email saying he guessed I didn't like his pictures nor did I want to talk to him because I ignored all his efforts to chat with me. As I was sending him a response to his email, he sent me an IM and we talked. The conversation moved to the phone and we hung the phone up after 1 am . I tried to say I wanted to hang up, but he wouldn't let me go and I'm happy he didn't. I enjoyed his conversation and woke up with a smile.

ThuggishHeart was listed as being my Ideal match at 99% . The calculation was incorrect because he is my 100% match... We are a couple after one night of talking. I have read other success stories and said they are married after only a couple of months. Wow that's crazy, but after this, all I can say is when you find that perfect match YOU HOLD ON TO IT !!!

Our search ends here and we would like to thank Black Singles for helping us. We will keep you posted as our relationship progresses.

We wish everyone Luck !!!

ALwaysALady28 & ThuggishHeart !!!!

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