You have made two people very happy

glo3 & Sweetyone

I joined B.S. in October 06, just for fun. I was feeling very low and a friend recommended that I give Black Singles a chance because they were different. So I did I have been chatting to a few nice people, but still had not found my soulmate. Then, one evening, I sent my profile to sweetyone and he responded with a smile, saying would you like to go to dinner. I laugh because He was in Canada and I am in England. I was not a full member at the time so could not read my mail so it was back to the cards and smiles; even though he was sending me more mail. So my friend said why don't you change your profile, tell him next time he was on line he should I M. me. This I did and resent my profile and Bingo it worked. He IM'd me and that was the start of a beautifull romance. Myself, Glo3, and Sweetyone became Engaged on the 22nd December 06. He came all the way over to England to meet my family and ask me to be his wife. We have not set a date but it will be in the summer 07. So thank you all at, you have made two people very happy, god bless you all
Glo3 and Sweetyone.

**UPDATED May 7th, 2007**
We now have a date for our wedding, which is the 29th Sep 07.

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