We finally made contact with one another..

chivalry1 & calista

Hello to everyone on black singles. I came to this site not really expecting too much to happen, because I was kind of skeptical about dating sites. I was looking for nothing more than perhaps making a few new friends, but after only being on black singles for only a few months I saw a profile that really sparked my interest and I met all of her criterias expect for the distance radius she preferred. I felt a little discouraged because of the distance, she showed interest in my profile as well and that give me a little hope if nothing else I just wanted a friendship with her because no matter how many other profiles I looked at, I kept going back to hers. I had only a guest membership and she had a full membership so that made it a real challenge in contacting one another. Whenever she tried to contact me on black singles instant messenger I would miss her by minutes so it seemed as if we were playing black singles tag. Just when we got to the point of just giving up since we could never be on at the same time we decided to try one last time and that is when we finally made contact with one another. From that first conversation we both felt it and knew that we were meant to be. I never use to beleive that a person will know if they maet the right person but I know I do because it happened to me. I never could have imagined that I would meet the one online, so I want to wish everyone nothing but the best during their journey and endeavor of searching for true love. God Bless you all and Thank You So Very Much to the entire staff at Black Singles and I will keep in touch to let everyone know the status of our true and blessed love.

I just wanted to add that chivalry1 & calista are plannig a life together. We were both blessed by God with each other. Even though the distance is great, our love is greater. Never let a long distance relationship deter you from happiness. Calista took a chance on me despite the distance. That faithful day of June 15th 2006 truly changed my life and I have never been so happy and so in love and for the first time in my life I know what true love feels like and it's beautiful. CALISTA AND I HAVE FOUND THE WOMAN AND MAN OUR DREAMS IN EACH OTHER!!!!! God Bless You Tasha and The Black Singles Staff, your site is a blessing to everyone who is looking for TRUE & BLESSED LOVE,



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