Totally free to enjoy each other.

flygal86 & GENO256

This has been funds well spent. I have found the love of my friend. His name is GENO256 and I am FLYGAL86. We are so in love with other and plan to be married in the near future. He lives in California and I live in Texas. We spend hours not just holding the phone but literately talking. We have so much to talk about always. We are so compatiable we both have Verizon accounts so our conversations are always free. We are totally free to enjoy each other. He will will be visiting me for the New Year and we have very big plans with other. To all the members that have sent cards and smiles to both of us we would like to thank you. We would also like to say keep the faith and have patience because you too will have success. Good luck. Thanks BSC Geno256 & Flygal86.........Photos and a follow-up will be coming soon.

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