Happy Forever



From the bottum of my heart I must say thank you. It didn't take long for me to find my dream or should I say my Queen. Every time I would log on to see who is on line, my now Queen would be the first to pop up as my ideal match. But I never responded to her thinking that she would be taken already because how pretty she was. On Dec.5th, 2006 I finally invited her to chat and she responded. Not only did we have the same interest but the same talent being musicians in a church. We have been conversing everyday since then; writing poetry to each other back and forth it's been too wonderful. We are already making plans for the future. We both were what we asked GOD for in a mate. Once again thank you for the site it served its purpose. And those still searching I suggest that you take my advice and go for it, I did.

Happy Forever,
Derrick G.

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