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Q. What is Secret Admirer?

Secret Admirer is a fun game where you can secretly find out if the one you like likes you back. As your community continues to grow, so do the chances that you’ll meet someone just right for you.

We’re working behind the scenes to help provide you with more matches like your Yes’s and fewer like your No’s. Think of Secret Admirer as your online personals confidant, a go-between for you and the singles with whom you’re most likely to connect.

Here’s how it works:

As you search, we’ll show you members who may pique your interest. Confide in us if you think you’d hit it off by clicking “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe.” Every Yes will be sent a Secret Admirer Alert email, which includes you and several other member profiles.

Secret Admirer is completely confidential unless it’s a mutual Yes. When there is a mutual Yes, we’ll introduce each of you with a You Both Said Yes Alert email. The rest is up to you!